Mack, Jack & McConaughey 2020 Postponed

We are so thankful for your commitment to MJ&M and our charity beneficiaries over the years.  Because of YOU, kids lives have been saved and there is much work still to do.  We are as committed as ever to our mission, our beneficiaries and their work, and to continuing the best event anywhere.

Because of the COVID‐19 virus and the need for temporary social distancing to preserve public health measures, we are going to call an audible – make a pivot – improvise and shift MJ&M 2020 to May 31 – June 1, 2020.  As we plan toward a new date to come together let’s take this time to continue in the MJ&M spirit and see how you can also help others as you protect yourselves and your families.

We will be in touch with specific details as soon as possible, thank you for your patience and understanding as we quickly re- work plans. Let’s take this time to continue in the MJ&M spirit of coming together and helping others and we look forward to seeing you soon.