Our Impact

"just keep livin inspired me to give back to my community, so I’ve begun to volunteer at an animal shelters and donate blood. My parents are thrilled with the transformation I’ve had. The program encourages us to set goals for ourselves and to reach for those goals. Although others might disagree, no dream is too big or small at just keep livin."

— Jackie from Hamilton

"just keep livin has motivated me like nothing else has. As you can see, I’m a big girl, and exercise is not always easy for me. However, just keep livin taught and continues to teach me that there are a lot of different ways to exercise that are fun and possible for any body type to achieve. Plus, I know that my just keep livin friends will support and encourage me, rather than tease me."

— Cheese from Pinkston

"I would just eat all the time and I never cared about exercise. My health got worse and I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It brought me down mentally and my parents weren’t able to motivate me enough to do anything about it. I finally found the motivation when I joined the just keep livin program."

— Graci from Warren Easton

"I have a goal of finishing a 10K, and I was able to conquer half that distance recently by running in a 5K race with JKL. My mom even drove out to support me! I never thought I could accomplish a race like this. JKL is my safe haven and I am thankful to have them as my exercise family"

— Katelyn from Animo Inglewood