Our Impact

“Before just keep livin, I was smoking marijuana and failing all of my classes as a freshman. Fast-forward two years and now I’m a junior, drug-free and working out every time the program meets. I’m eating better, feeling better and my grades have improved! I’m on track to graduate and I can’t wait to start my senior year.”

– Alex from Hamilton

“just keep livin has motivated me like nothing else has. As you can see, I’m a big girl, and exercise is not always easy for me. However, just keep livin taught and continues to teach me that there are a lot of different ways to exercise that are fun and possible for any body type to achieve. Plus, I know that my just keep livin friends will support and encourage me, rather than tease me.”

– Cheese from Pinkston

“I would just eat all the time and I never cared about exercise. My health got worse and I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It brought me down mentally and my parents weren’t able to motivate me enough to do anything about it. I finally found the motivation when I joined the just keep livin program.”

– Graci from Warren Easton

“just keep livin is not only a program, it’s like a second home. It’s where I feel safe and makes me feel like I’m part of something. It is filled with amazing people who are always there to listen. It has helped me boost my self- esteem because people here make me feel better about myself. I no longer feel like a wallflower. just keep livin helped me break out of my comfort zone and meet new people.”

– Edna from Venice