The Athlete Screening

Hey all, if you’re in LA, Miami, Dubuque or Salt Lake…check out the screening of this inspiring film The Athlete about the true story of Ethiopian gold medalist Abebe Bikila…a % of proceeds from the screenings benefit my @jklivinFNDN. Use promo code JKLIVIN for $2 off tix.

About the film, The Athlete:

Atletu (The Athlete) is the inspiring true story, told for the first time, of Abebe Bikila, a previously unknown barefoot Ethiopian runner who stunned the world in Rome in 1960, winning Olympic gold in the marathon. As the first African to win Olympic gold, he became a sports legend and hero in his country overnight, and four years later in Tokyo, he again won gold, becoming the first person in history to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in the marathon. He is considered by many the greatest long-distance runner in history.

But his life story only began with Olympic medals. When a car accident in the Ethiopian countryside left him paralyzed from the waist down, Bikila faced the greatest challenge of his life. In the struggle to maintain the will to live, Bikila discovered a deeper meaning of competition –as an archer in the Paralympics and a dogsledder in Norway. The film is the tale of extraordinary determination and a singular man, Abebe Bikila.