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A non-profit foundation committed to the health and well being of the youth in our communities Learn how you can support our programs and join our growing community Offering after-school, fitness and wellness programs to high school students Serving over 2,000 students in 24 schools/sites in California, Louisiana, Texas and Washington D.C.

Our Mission

The just keep livin Foundation is dedicated to empowering high school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future.

"to prevent so we don't
have to cure later in life"

Quote of the Month: February

As people, we are scared of the unknown, just like kids are afraid of the dark. Have the courage to find out what you don’t know and continue learning about what you do. Life’s a challenge. Have COURAGE.

~Matthew McConaughey

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight Aaliyah

Antioch High School (Nashville)

Aaliyah is a passionate and humorous 9th grader who is approaching the completion of her first year in the j.k. livin program at Antioch High School in Nashville. Before joining the jkl program Aaliyah spent many years learning life skills through the Girl Scouts. Once Aaliyah arrived to high school, she wanted to be a part of a program that felt like a family and she found that in the jkl program. Aaliyah says, “Although we have a small group, we bond like family and feel like brothers and sisters.” Aaliyah has a huge heart for helping others in need because she knows how it feels to have nothing and go through rough times. She highlighted that the Tennessee Titans Coat Drive was her favorite community service event so far this year and she is looking forward to an opportunity to work with a local women’s shelter as well. The jkl program has helped Aaliyah stay positive through fun workout activities, great guest speakers and motivating instructors that encourage her to have a better outlook on life and to not give up. Aaliyah has even used quotes of the month in her personal life. For example, she used the November quote (focused on “finishing”) to encourage her mother to stay committed to stop smoking cigarettes. Since joining the program Aaliyah has only missed one session, chooses to walk the hills in her neighborhood and limits her fried food. Aaliyah has become an ambassador for the jkl program and often uses the slogan “you can be the change, you can gain the confidence” to recruit her peers for just keep livin. After completing high school, Aaliyah wants to study sociology at Spelman College so she can contribute to helping communities as an adult.

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