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Join team just keep livin at the Rock ‘n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon on October 30!  <a href='/join-team-just-keep-livin'>CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!</a> A non-profit foundation committed to the health and well being of the youth in our communities Learn how you can support our programs and join our growing community Offering after-school, fitness and wellness programs to high school students Serving over 2,000 students in 24 schools/sites in California, Louisiana, Texas and Washington D.C.

Our Mission

The just keep livin Foundation is dedicated to empowering high school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future.

"to prevent so we don't
have to cure later in life"

Quote of the Month: September

We don’t always get to do what we want to do (homework, chores, etc)… But there ARE things we have to do… Once you HAVE to do something, find the pleasure in DOING it… since you have to do it anyway, might as well enjoy it right?… DO IT, WITH PLEASURE.

~Matthew McConaughey

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight De'JenaDe’Jena is a sophomore student at Animo South Los Angeles who is entering her 2nd year with the just keep livin program. Before she started attending j.k. livin, De’Jena would just go home watch T.V. and wait for her mother to get out of school. After completing her first year with the program, De’Jena has increased her water intake, developed a love for community service and became more positive. Some of her highlights include: participating in beach cleanups, renovating local houses, attending Camp Unbuntu and establishing new friendships. De’Jena’s goal for the upcoming school year is to get more of her friends involved and run a full marathon. Her aspirations after high school are to obtain an undergraduate degree in Fashion and get her Master’s in Business so she can one day launch her own clothing line.

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